Publishings from the Light


from the
Luminous Heights

The texts of the Luminous Heights are currently being received through a pure channel and are available to those who want to prepare themselves to serve the Light.

These transmissions swing fully in the Word of the Grail Message and offer invaluable help, especially concerning our personal purification in order to unite with Elementality and the Army of the Light!

These Texts from the Luminous Heights also rectify in a clear and undeniable way several misunderstandings and some misinterpretations that are being spread about Abdruschin's life and work.

For further explanations about Abdruschin's work, you can also refer to the following text:
"In the End came the Word".

Translations of this text are available in several languages. You can request it from one of the four addresses below, marked with a star sign (*).

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Those who wish to order the Texts must have read the entire
Grail Message at least once.

To ask for a copy of the Texts of the Heights of Light:

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