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Message 1931
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Books by Abdruschin
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Testimony and drawings by Josef Wagner

Testimony of Josef Wagner
"My path to the Holy Message
and to the Lord..."


An exceptional testimonial by Josef Wagner who lived part
of his life in the proximity of Abdruschin (*).

Drawings by Josef Wagner's
of the Planes of Creation

These three drawings of the Planes of Creation are fully inspired
by the teaching of the Grail.

They are of great help in understanding
the teachings given by Abdruschin

(*) To receive Josef Wagner's Testimony
and the free pdf drawings,
it is necessary to have read
the Grail Message first.

The texts of the drawings in English have all been translated
and edited according to the original German sketches.
Picture size for printing 42 x 93 cm approx.

To ask for the drawings and
Josef Wagner's testimony , please contact this address:

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